Friday Five – Five overrated Disney rides

Happy Friday!  It’s that time of the week again – this week’s post might be a bit of a controversial one, but I thought we’d go for it anyway!  Whilst the rides we mention on this list do seem very overrated to us, I can’t say that we really, really dislike any of them (possibly with the exception of number 1!) – it’s more that we just don’t understand all the fuss about them.

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Park Overview – Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios is the final Disney park in this park overview series (if you haven’t already, why not check out the rest of the park overviews – Magic Kingdom, EPCOT and Animal Kingdom) and is home to some of our favourite attractions.

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Friday Five – Five ways to help pass the time until our next trip

Friday again – I like how quickly these Fridays seem to be coming round!  We’ve been looking into and talking a lot about our next trip recently and with all the lovely people we follow on Twitter and YouTube seeming to have trips underway or planned it’s been really difficult not to get swept up in the Florida bubble and just book a sneaky extra trip!

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Friday Five – Five regrets from past trips

Friday seems to have come round quickly again – thank goodness!  This week’s post came to life after we started thinking about what we would do differently on our next trip and things we wish we’d done or done differently before.  Regrets is maybe a strong word, but they’re definitely things we would change if we could go back.

1. Not buying certain souvenirs.  There have been at least a couple of occasions when we’ve seen things whilst we’ve been in Florida and decided to wait until later in the trip to buy them – and of course we ended up never going back to get them, or going back and the items were gone.  One item in particular was a Simpson’s themed hoodie that Neil had his eye on and he still regrets not getting it.  The moral of that story is if we see something we really like we should just bite the bullet and buy it when we see it.

2. Only one visit to Volcano Bay.  We absolutely fell in love with Volcano Bay when we visited last year.  As you might have seen from previous posts, I’m not a fan of water parks, but this is the exception to that rule! We’d only planned to spend a few hours there just so we could say we’d been, but we ended up being there most of the day and enjoyed every second.  We wish we’d made the effort to go back for a second visit later in the trip but we just never seemed to get round to it.  I can’t believe I’m saying this about a water park, but we’ll absolutely fit in at least two visits on our next trip.

3. Not going to Walmart sooner.  As mentioned in a previous post (Five things we wish we’d thought of/tried sooner), this now seems like such an obvious thing to have done!  If we’d hit Walmart at the start of our holiday we could have stocked up on some of our favourite snacks a lot sooner and at a lower price.  This would have really helped with our budgeting too.  Next time we plan to visit during the first day or so to make sure we’re all set up to enjoy the rest of our trip!

4. Not exploring EPCOT more.  As you’ll see from our park overview post about EPCOT, we really didn’t do this park justice.  We wanted to devote more time to the parks we considered more “us” and just didn’t make the most of what EPCOT had to offer.  I think another thing that made me want to move on was that I knew I’d want to try all sorts of different snacks and drinks from the pavilions in the World Showcase and I knew this could end up putting a strain on our budget!  When planning our next trip we’ll be sure to earmark plenty of time to explore this park properly and sneak in a few tasty treats along the way.

5. Not making the most of City Walk at Universal.  Each trip we’ve been on we’ve said we’ll spend at least one evening/night exploring City Walk, having a nice meal and a couple of drinks.  We’ve even wanted to fit in a round or two of crazy golf.  For whatever reason we’ve still not managed any of this!  I think in part it’s been because after a day at the parks we’ve been ready to get back to the hotel and freshen up and than couldn’t be bothered to make a trip back to Universal.  On the evenings when we have gone to Universal later it’s been because of Halloween Horror Nights so we’ve just headed straight into the park to avoid the crowds as much as possible.  I think maybe next time we’ll head over to City Walk after having a day by the pool or something so that we can make the most of the night life.

It seems as though our next trip is going to be even more amazing than previous trips if we manage to fit in all the things we’ve not managed so far!

Is there anything you would do differently if you could go back and “re-do” any of your previous trips?

Friday Five – Five favourite non-ride activities in the parks

It’s that time of week again – Friday Five!  Neil and I absolutely love the rides in the theme parks – they’re definitely the main draw for us.  I have to confess, neither of us are particularly bothered by shows, parades or fireworks – not because we think they’re rubbish or anything, it’s just not really what we’re interested in.  Don’t get me wrong, if we’re in the right place at the right time we definitely wouldn’t actively avoid them, we just wouldn’t go out of our way to catch them (I can hear the gasps and groans from everyone!).  So we started thinking, if we’re not being thrown around on roller coasters and not sat waiting for the next parade, what else do we like to do?

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